Want more funny games?Than you must try something new.Like these:


FlatOut's peerless real world physics engine combines vehicles built from 40 plus deformable parts with over 8000 destructible objects per track.


Highly competitive FlatOut racing action: Compete against 11 other drivers in single player modes from a choice of 48 cars on 39 tracks in 6 different environments.

Wreck you way across parched deserts, massive storm drains and narrow city streets.


Have fun!




Another funny game,Romantic comedy SINGLES 2: TRIPLE TROUBLE involves three young singles who share an apartment in the city.
 Having had a rough year, the player moves into their new apartment,little knowing that an ex of theirs is currently living there.


Could it get any worse? With no where else to go, they have to make the best of a bad situation.

Is the fire of love really dead, or can the embers be rekindled? Would they want them too, when the new flat mate is a stunner?

How can they put on the charms, without getting a grilling from the ex?Find the answer playing this cool game.



Restaurant empire:with two handfuls of cash and a dream of creating a legacy, you will build,cook and hire your way to the very top of the culinary world,where tasty food is king and smart management reels in the dollars.

 If you’re skilled enough in the kitchen and behind the management desk, you just may go further than any aspiring restaurateur before you and cement your status as a true legend of cuisine.